What we can do for you

You know what it’s like looking for a job – no-one’s got any time to give advice and the job centre’s just pushing to get as many CV’s sent out as possible – and all for jobs that don’t really interest you. And why bother anyway – you never get a reply and when you do get an interview it’s the same old story: ‘you’ve got no experience’

So ‘no experience, no job – no job, no experience’. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Friday People can help you get the experience that gets you the job you want.

All you have to do is join our project team – but first you’ve got decide you’re ready to put time and energy into helping us and helping yourself. Everyone at Friday people is a volunteer – and that includes you. We work from 10am to 4pm for at least two days a week (with more if your want) and you’ll commit yourself for at 3 months. No-one gets paid although we make sure your travel and lunches are covered by the charity. In return, you’ll be trained and supervised as you start work on a project that really catches your interest. When you’re finished, you’ll have proved not only that you can do your job accurately and on time, you’ll also be able to demonstrate that you’re a team worker with experience that ranges from project management and budget control to fundraising, research and social marketing.

Then we’ll use your new experience to write the CV that puts you head and shoulders above the hundreds of other jobseekers chasing the job you want. And it doesn’t stop there because we’ll train and rehearse you in how to take control of the interview that impresses your new employers.

Listen to what Chris has to say about his experience, then check out the latest project news and call us when you’re ready to join in