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Unemployment amongst young people is a waste of resources across Europe and Friday People’s approach is now starting to attract attention outside the UK.

Le Figaro, one of France’s leading newspapers, interviewed the team this month (November 2014) for a comparative view on whether England’s reviving economy really has the answer. Of course, the situation is the same on both sides of the channel – falling unemployment is being purchased at the price of lower paid work and an escalation in the number of part-time jobs. Even more important, it’s still the young people who bear the brunt of the economic crisis with very little practical assistance from government agencies. As Zach said in this article:

“I had to go to the jobcentre every Thursday just to show the applications I’d made over the last week. They sent me to be a salesman at B&Q – it was a complete waste of time, I prefer to search for a job myself” 

And as the author points out, Zach has now found the job in advertising he really wanted

You can read the full text – in French – by following this link or contact us for an English translation

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