Friday People

Friday People helps disadvantaged young jobseekers (aged 16-24) develop the expertise essential for employment. We use coaching to focus aspirations, structured training to meet skill gaps and practical supervised projects to demonstrate their ability to complete tasks accurately and on time. To date, 7 out of 10 participants have moved into full time employment or back into further education.

“The skills I learnt with Friday People are exactly what impressed my new employers”,
(Chris – Friday People beneficiary)

The key to success has been to create work experience projects which not only inspire jobseekers but also enthuse employers.

For example, Zach’s ambition was to secure a job in advertising but he lacked the credibility that only experience can offer – until he joined Friday People and the Maidstone River Festival project. Now working in London as an advertising account manager having faced 5 interviews in competition with 175 other applicants:

 “I succeeded because my new employers really wanted to talk about how I helped organise the River Festival. In fact, we spent 90% of every interview discussing how my team created an event that attracted 20,000 visitors”

We believe that our approach is making a real difference but the problem is even more challenging for young people dropping out of education. They’re not only facing competition from more skilled peers but employers’ are also skeptical about their commitment to work:

“I  can’t trust younger workers to do what we take for granted – like getting to work on time ….we waste time and energy supervising them”
(Kent employer 2013).

We’re now planning a new initiative – ‘Kick Start Careers’ which brings together employers’ concerns, young NEETs’ motivational triggers and our own mainstream experience so we that can begin to tackle the issues facing young people dropping out of education (aged 16-18).

Friday People’s work is a brilliant example of thinking outside the box to get our youngsters into employment.”
(Helen Grant, MP)

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